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Just above halfway, Peter Harremoës is stepping out on Narrow Slab, Rimmon Route, Trollveggen. 

Romsdalen, Norge 
Climbing on Trollveggen and Mongejura

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I visited Romsdalen in May 1992 for the first time when Peter Harremoës and I had the luck of climbing Troll Wall by a combination of the Swedish Route and Rimmond in an early summer heat wave. Up to 30o down in the valley and just a bit less up high. I have been there twice since, and without having become an expert I must sing you a song about Romsdalen. 
  Located in West Norway Romsdalen and the town of Åndalsnes should experience a steady yearlong drizzle. But it's not so. Before I did Mongejura South Pillar together with Klaus Preisler, I checked the web-camera of Isfjorden from mid March to mid May and never saw a single cloud. The stable weather continued the rest of that summer! But OK - climbers are advised to stay away should the wind go into west or north west.
  The river Rauma cuts NNW into the green and canyonlike Romsdalen. Mongejura, Hornsaksla and Romsdalshorn build the righthand side and the impressive buttresses and pillars of Trolltindarne the left wall. Trollveggen / Troll Wall - the higest vertical wall in Europe - is just a small part of the Trolltindarnes westface.The rock is gneiss, locally called gråstein, a foliated granitic rock with large feldspar-augen. Most often it is extremely climbable with good friction and lots of nice incuts. But it can be loose especially on a large scale as the recent huge rockfalls on the Trollveggen show. The best updated source of information on rockfalls and newrouting is the Romsdalen guidebook writers Anne Grete Nebel & Bjarte Bø's website.
  It is easy to get to Romsdalen. Just 6 hours by car from Oslo (try to avoid rushhours on the narrow roads between Oslo and Hamar) or by train to Åndalsnes. 
  Standing in Åndalsnes you can look up into the valleys of Vengedalen, Romsdalen and Isterdalen, and in one panoramic view you can see more climbable rock than you can dream of doing for the rest of your life! But do try!

The following pictures are my own from Rimmond in 1992 and Mongejura in 2002. In between are a few shots kindly provided (or straightout stolen) from other websites. Please notice that the pictures are best watched in 1024 x 768 pix and full screen (press F11).

01trollveg 02aproach 03greatw 04blackcleft 05narrow
Troll Wall Approach Great Wall Black Cleft Narrow Slab
06narrow 07narrow 08exit 09top 10monge
Narrow Slab The Overhangs Exit Cracks On top of Rimmond Mongejura
10mongejura2 11preisler 12monge 13monge 14monge
Romsdalen Klaus Preisler Pitch 7 Pitch 11 Pitch 16
15mong 16mong 17monge 18mong 19romsdalen
Pitch 21 Pitch 22 Exit  Top Romsdalen
20marstein 21doseth 22map  
Decent H. Chr.  Doset Romsdalen map

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